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Womb Chair
Womb Chair    Womb Chair    Womb Chair    Womb Chair    Womb Chair    Womb Chair   
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Replica Womb Chair
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Eero Saarinen

The Womb Chair and Ottoman, designed in 1948 by one of the greatest furniture designer Eero Saarinen

The Womb Chair and Ottoman are one-of-a-kind chairs, designed with attention to detail, beauty, and formal and functional excellence. The shape and contour of the Womb Chair was groundbreaking, as was it’s attention to comfort at the exclusion of contemporary design cliches.

The main material used in constructing the structure of the chair was fiberglass, a bendable and giving material suited to chairs that hope to welcome their users. With its polished chrome base and a frame upholstered in fabric over a fiberglass shell, the Womb Chair and Ottoman is designed to facilitate a relaxed sitting posture, providing emotional comfort and a sense of security - hence the name "Womb."

Our womb chair and ottoman is the high quality reproduction which is very comfortable. It is a good choosing for living room furniture.

MATERIAL: Polished stainless steel frame and legs, fiberglass mould inside, then with a layer comfortable foam, outside upholsteried with cashmere.

COLOR AVAILABLE: Red, White, Grey, Yellow and Blue.

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